An homage to one of my favourite meals lately

It has been quite a roller coaster couple weeks for our school as we are now losing three of our four administrators and a bunch of counsellors!  While I am happy for the new adventures of some great people I am sad to be losing such amazingly supportive admin team. Now on to the food…

Recently I have been OBSESSED with this Chickpea and Butternut Squash Curry from Vikalinka and thought I would through a shout out to it since it is absolutely glorious.

Whilst not a vegetarian I do like to partake in a meat free day every week and have been adding this treat at least a couple of times in my meal planning month. It has excellent flavour, texture, and is delightfully filling without the puffy over eating full.

I usually half the recipe for the two of us which is just the right amount for supper and one lunch. It also works great with frozen foods as well. Since, I usually make half of this recipe I end up having half of a butternut squash leftover and half a can of chickpeas, I cut up the squash and freeze both items to make this delight again. My hubby also doesn’t like the fresh spinach, weird I know, because it is “slimy” so I end up using frozen spinach cubes which work great.

I have also been making it with Lundberg WildBlend Rice which is wonderful with this recipe or any recipe really! I also have a hard time finding Korma paste in my city so I have been using butter chicken or red curry paste, both of which are good but I tend to add a bit more than required.

My sister, who doesn’t like curry, actually enjoyed this recipe as well so that’s saying something!

Again, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this recipe a try if you are looking for a great meatless meal!

P.S. I have an actual picture that is my own this time! Yay Me!

Enjoy friends 🙂

*All opinions are my own and I have not been compensated for my comments*


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